Each piece of Simbul Unveils the Majesty of African Royalty

A vibrant step into a world where history, culture, and exquisite craftsmanship intertwine.

Welcome to SIMBULS, a jewelry company dedicated to creating awe-inspiring custom pieces inspired by the magnificence and the impact on today’s society of African queens, kings, warriors, politician, physician, as well as other prominent royal and political figures. We invite you to join us on a journey that celebrates the richness and regality of Africa’s past while embracing the elegance of the present.

At SIMBULS, we understand that jewelry is not just an accessory; it’s a statement of who you are, an extension of one’s identity, and a simbul of power. Our master artisans are passionate about their craft, infusing each piece with meticulous attention to detail and an unwavering commitment to quality.

Through our custom design process, we transform your vision into reality, ensuring that every piece we create reflects your individuality and resonates with the grandeur of our African heritage.

Our collection features a captivating array of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more, all inspired by the diverse tapestry of African royalty, power, and tenacity.

From the graceful elegance of Cleopatra to the fierce determination of Shaka Zulu, each simbul design captures the essence of these legendary figures, offering you an opportunity to embody their timeless grace and strength.

What sets SIMBULS apart is our devotion to authenticity. We source only the finest materials, meticulously selecting gemstones and precious metals that mirror the richness of African royalty. Whether it’s a stunning set of beads to represent the lush landscapes of Africa or a vibrant, recycled and refined different animal’s bones symbolizing the majesty of the land, each simbul carries a story, echoing the tales of ancient kingdoms and the wisdom of African rulers.

Our commitment to ethical practices is unwavering. We ensure that all our materials are ethically sourced, maintaining a strong connection with local African communities. By partnering with our skilled artisan friends from West Africa, we empower them economically and preserve traditional craftsmanship for future generations to come.

The SIMBULS experience extends beyond our exquisite jewelry. As part of our dedication to celebrating African heritage, we offer an immersive online platform where you can explore the stories of African queens, kings, folklore stories, political figures and beyond. Delve into the rich history, learn about their contributions, and appreciate the cultural significance that has shaped our designs.

Whether you seek a timeless piece that captures the essence of a specific African royal or desire a bespoke creation that reflects your personal style, SIMBULS is here to turn your dreams into reality. Embrace the legacy of African royalty, adorn yourself with elegance and distinction, and let your jewelry become a testament to the rich tapestry of African history. Unveil your majestic side with SIMBULS – where African heritage meets unparalleled craftsmanship. Experience the splendor of African royalty and wear a piece of history that truly embodies your regal spirit.

Simbul’s Philosophy

Throughout African history, there have been many stories of valiant men and women who fought against slavery and colonization.

African communities were and, in some parts, are predominantly patriarchal based, hence most successful accomplishments by women are lost in history. No one will tell you that most African empires were led and built by women who were daring enough to go out of their way to protect and guide their people to victory.

Simbul is here to enlighten and at the same time, enlighten you, the customers and the curious mind, on and honor most African prominent figures, especially in women whose efforts have gone unnoticed. Even for many who are astutely familiar with African histories and legends, identifying a historical heroine in the stories of old tends to be so much hard work, unfortunately.

Simbul wants to predominantly highlight the female form of power which is a trinity: a priestess, a queen, and a revered mother, each associated with a goddess. Simbul will focus more closely on the queens, priestesses, and goddesses who were exceptionally prominent in ancient Africa.

Simbul will explore how ancient Africans understood female power and presence to be an essential enlivening element in maintaining Maat, the balance of male and female energies, in order to cultivate “divine right order” in the world and in the cosmos.

The prominence of powerful goddesses, the reverence awarded to the queen mothers and a series of sole-ruling queens (one of whom led her army in battle against the invading Romans), highlight the unusually high status of women in these ancient African societies along the Nile, throughout Africa, and serve as a fitting focus for the study of female power in the ancient world.