At Simbuls, we strive to give our clients the real and unique African experience through our exotic and creative completely handmade jewelry made from handpicked recycled materials of all types, a great range of design varieties and even custom design when needed. The jewelry is made in West Africa by the great jewelry design maker Ousmane Derra and his affiliates, thus creating jobs in the region for the locals and improving the lives of the locals as well as the economy of the developing country. A great deal of the jewelry is made from amber, a hard yellowish-brown substance that was used in ancient times and formed from trees resin.  Amber was heavily used with Fulani people, in the Sahara region, back in the days, for weddings. We also use agate stone in most of our jewelry because agate stone was one of the favorite stone preferred and wore by ancient African Queens. Some of the jewelry is made from pearls, cauris, authentic goat leather, and wart-hog tooth, just to name a few…

At Simbuls, we are not only selling jewelry, but we made it our mission to name each jewelry after an African leader, warrior, king, or Queen, to put these African influencers at the pedestal they all deserve to be at which is, for lack of better word, is LEGENDARY, to say the least. We, at Simbuls are trying to revive and celebrate their strength, courage, their contribution in politic, in social relation, in economy, in agricultural, engineering, architectural, science, medicine, fighting prowess, etc. These extraordinary African leaders pave the way with the African way of living, and for that matter the way of living of most humankind. They provided us a great deal of wisdom and great strategies. Starting from the Egyptians in the North to the Zulus in the South, Africa has no shortage of legendary and influential figures. If you can’t recall a single African warrior, you learned about in school, it doesn’t mean you were a terrible student of history. It means your school, like most schools in the U.S., probably failed to teach you about any African warriors. 

At Simbuls, we welcome you to join us into the celebration of our African roots, to be proud of our African roots. At Simbuls, we praise and mention the names of African influencers due to the great things they accomplished while they were alive as well as their outstanding leadership qualities and combat skills. At Simbuls we work extremely hard to maintain and share with you our African culture, our roots, so hopefully you leave us with a little bit of satisfied wisdom and/or some west some West African handmade jewelry designed the way our ancient African influencers used to have their jewelry made and worn.   

Step into your inner tribal and wear a jewelry to embody the proud and tradition left to us by our great African leaders.