11 1/4″ long plastic and wood beads, amber resin beads with one 2.5″ long and two 1″ long recycled coco nut medallions.


Shaka, founder of the Zulu Kingdom of Southern Africa, became leader and chief of the Zulus in 1816. Shaka was given his own regiment the iziCwe Shaka reformed his regiment discarding the light thrown spear for a short broad bladed stabbing spear (assagai) and a larger cow hide shield which gave his troops the fighting style of a Roman legion. He trained his troops well and toughened them to jog over hills for up to 50 miles in a day without shoes. He developed the classic ‘Buffalo’ formation which the Zulus would make their trade mark and use many years later against the British during the Zulu War. This Simbul extols him.

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